Optical Wireless Communication Conference!

Veranstaltungen, Messe

On 10 November the 3rd edition of the global Optical Wireless Communication Conference (online and live) will take place.

The conference focuses on leading edge research on Optical Wireless Communication in its different forms and gathers experts from academia and industry to show their latest technical results and showcase their products and services. The application scope is broad, from Ultra short range (f.i. chip-to-chip communications) to Ultra long range (f.i. Laser communication in space) and every range in between.

Invited speakers are:

  • Harald Haas, Distinguished Professor, University of Strathclyde, on 'Why Optical Wireless Communication is Ready for 6G!'
  • Wimar Klop, System Engineer, TNO, on 'How to achieve 1 Tbps throughput over an 36000 km free-space optical link'
  • Professor Andrea Melloni, Politecnico di Milano, on 'Self Adaptive Programmable Optical Processor for FSO turbulence mitigation'
  • Steve Hranilovic, Vice-Provost & Dean Graduate Studies | Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering, McMaster University
  • Nikola Serafimovski, Co-Chair, Light Communications Alliance

Next to that over 12 submitted papers will be presented, selected by the Scientific Commitee with Jean-Paul Linnartz (Eindhoven University of Technology), Niek Doelman (Leiden University), Jürgen Van Erps (VUB B-PHOT Brussels Photonics and Xiong DENG (Southwest Jiaotong University).

In one day you will get an excellent overview how Optical Wireless Communication will have impact on the way we communicate in the (near) future with ultra high speed and huge bandwith in a very secure way!


  • Veranstaltungsort:Mikrocentrum, The Netherlands / OnlineMikrocentrum, The Netherlands / Online