Samsung, DISH, Rakuten etc. tests O-RAN with VIAVI

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Chandler, Ariz., December 18, 2023 – Viavi Solutions Inc. (VIAVI) (NASDAQ: VIAV) today shared the company’s role in the Fall 2023 O-RAN PlugFest organized by the O-RAN ALLIANCE and hosted by industry leaders. VIAVI delivered industry-leading benchmarking and validation for RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) testing and training for AI-enabled applications including energy efficiency; security testing; and conformance and end-to-end testing of new products. The company also improved testing efficiency with real-time analysis and automation.

In October and November, VIAVI participated in testing in 11 labs across eight countries: the United States; United Kingdom; Germany; France; Italy; Spain; Japan; and Korea. Major outcomes included:

  • RIC testing for AI-enabled applications. When the conformance and performance of a RIC is verified, vendors can implement xApps or rApps to unlock RAN intelligence and deliver cutting-edge use cases such as energy savings and enhanced QoS.
  • Security testing. Network security must be protected in an open, multi-vendor environment.
  • Conformance and end-to-end testing. Vendors offering new O-RAN products can present them to validate operation according to the applicable specifications. In addition to individual network elements such as O-RU, O-DU, O-CU and RIC, companies also demonstrated end-to-end operation and interoperability across a complete O-RAN.
  • Real-time analysis. To date, lab testing has relied on tools that require lengthy waiting periods for capture, post-processing and visualization. Together with CableLabs, VIAVI demonstrated real-time analysis to accelerate interoperability and end-to-end testing and troubleshooting.
  • Test automation. Facing skills shortages, service providers and vendors are seeking efficiencies in the lab. In several demonstrations, VIAVI delivered AI-driven capability to develop test cases, write scripts, filter logs and find faults.


The test platforms supporting these activities were:

  • VIAVI TM500, the industry’s leading UE emulator used by 85% of base station manufacturers, supporting conformance, performance, interoperability, security and end-to-end testing.
  • VIAVI TM500 O-RU Tester in combination with the R&S SMW200A or R&S SMM100A Vector Signal Generator (VSG), R&S FSV/A or R&S FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer (VSA), R&S VSE signal analysis software from Rohde & Schwarz, used for O-RU conformance testing, with VIAVI O-RU Test Manager providing a seamless user experience.
  • VIAVI TeraVM, a virtualized application emulation and security performance platform, used in 5G, Open RAN, RIC testing and training, and cybersecurity testing.

  • VIAVI XhaulAdvisor, a scalable software solution offering real-time data for fronthaul verification, analysis, emulation and channel utilization. The first solution in the market to feature real-time analytics, XhaulAdvisor enables Open RAN vendors, operators and OTIC labs to accelerate interoperability and end-to-end testing and troubleshooting.




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