Meet ACOME and Broadband Forum at the FTTH Conference

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Subject: Discover the power of ACOME Group’s nanomodule technology for FTTH rollouts


Are you attending the FTTH Conference between 19-21 March?

Visit ACOME Group at Booth G03, Hall 1,2, at hub27, Messe Berlin, Germany, to gain exclusive insight into how its nanomodule technology is speeding up European FTTH rollouts without compromising sustainability.

Find out how:

  • ACOME Group’s nanomodule cables cut carbon emissions and costs. Designed for both urban and rural deployments, ACOME’s nanomodule technology reduces fibre preparation, installation (by three hours per every km) and maintenance times. A perfect fit for network builders, the modules of 12-fibres complies with existing infrastructure architectures and constraints, and eliminates the need for ring marking of individual fibres, making it easier to identify the colour of the cable. This enables huge cost savings by preventing non value-added splices (splices which are carried out on the field that do not bring value to the deployment).


  • Nanomodule technology reduces the number of splices per homes passed by 65% and by using the fibre midspan technique, it requires only four splices rather than the traditional 5-11 splices. Between 2-6% of roll-out costs go towards paying for these additional splices and in some roll-outs, full-time skilled workers can be solely focused on them.


  • Network operators can reduce their carbon footprints and leverage a sustainable alternative. The typical carbon footprint reduction is 24% with nanomodule and due to no fibre cleaning solvents needed, waste pollution from sealing and cleaning substances is eliminated.


  • Thousands of rural homes and businesses across the UK have access to hyperfast full fibre connectivity thanks to ACOME’s cabling solutions. With its facilities in Normandy, cable supply lead times can be shortened and UK FTTH rollouts sped up.


Don’t miss out on Xavier Renard, Marketing Director at ACOME taking part in two workshops on 19th March focused on “Network roll-out efficiency: limiting splicing burden and cost with effective decision making tools and solutions” and “Close the cap of scope 3”. Xavier will be talking up the cost saving and sustainability benefits of ACOME’s products.


Xavier will also be moderating a session on the final day on “Innovative solutions to reduce time and cost of fiber cable deployment”.

There remains a number of interview opportunities with our team; contact acome[at] to arrange a briefing with Xavier.