Events and steps to an effective automated design solution

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Université du Très Haut Débit    5-6 October 2022 in Toulouse, France


Setics is delighted to exhibit at Université du Très Haut Débit on 5 and 6 October 2022 in Toulouse, France. We look forward to meeting you at our stand 83, where we will demonstrate our automated solution, Setics Sttar.


5 key steps to making an effective automated design solution:

At Setics we have, as service engagements, planned and designed millions of homes worldwide using Setics Sttar. During these projects, we have seen what makes an effective automated design solution.

Here are our 5 key steps:

1. Quality of data is essential

There is an obvious connection between the quality of data provided and the accuracy of the resultant output. Too often, we see clients who are not able to provide data of sufficient quality and yet, have unrealistic expectations of the automated design. It does not mean that you need high-quality data to perform an automated design, but the results should be analysed with the right purpose and level of expectations.

At the outset of a project, there needs to be a clear discussion about the data that is available and the outputs sought by the client. This can ensure that there is a realistic outcome and if the data is not sufficient, the client may seek to obtain further information in order to obtain the desired outcomes. While the much-criticised PIA data is by no means perfect, it is undoubtedly very important for the design process.