FTTH Conference 2015

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FTTH Conference 2015

The FTTH Conference of the FTTH Council Europe is the biggest FTTH-related conference in the world. The conference takes place in February and has been held in a different European city since 2004.  It has grown every year and reached more than 3000 attendees in Stockholm in February 2014.

Attendees’ profiles include: Decision makers from the European Commission, national government and municipalities; management level attendees from operators (incumbents, alternative operators, utility companies); investment banks and financing institutions; management level attendees from service and application providers; analysts and industry experts; technical experts from industry; operators and academia; press and media

Conference topics: The conference discusses hot topics of fibre roll-out in Europe:  

  • FTTH in Central and Eastern Europe
  • fibre-enabled services including eHealth, eGovernment, etc.
  • financing of FTTH networks
  • marketing of FTTH networks and take rates
  • the role of FTTH in smart cities and smart regions
  • innovative solutions for fibre networks…


Workshops: The first day of the conference offers up to ten workshop streams to discuss specific topics in detail. The workshops are either organised by the FTTH Council Europe or by external parties (in the latter case FTTH Council Europe acts as a host). 

Exhibition: The annual event includes a large exhibition floor presenting the latest FTTH products, solutions and trends. More than 100 members and partners of the FTTH Council Europe are represented and offer hands-on experiences of the latest innovations.

Networking: The FTTH Conference is a perfect networking and meeting place for anyone who is interested in fibre-access networks. The unique “all inclusive” concept (breakfast, coffee breaks, delicious lunches and cocktail receptions, all served in the exhibition area, and a special permanent Polish Bar) allows delegates to remain at the conference for the entire three days.

World of Applications Dome: The World of Applications Dome is a 100 m² area dedicated to demonstrating and providing hands-on experience of fibre-enabled applications and services relating to four different themes: E-Health - Teleworking (and distance learning) - Interactive Entertainment  - Smart Home


Warszawskie centrum wystawienniczo – konferencyjne
Ignacego Prądzyńskiego 12/14
Warsaw, Poland

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