FTTH Conference 2017

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FTTH Conference 2017

With 3,000 participants from 94 countries, the FTTH Conference is the largest meeting place in the world for all broadband stakeholders!


Don’t miss the opportunity to meet 120 exhibitors and partners, showcasing the latest FTTH products & solutions and introducing the latest trends.

Workshops & Conference

During the three-day event, 155 speakers will share their experience and know-how about FTTH with you! 11 workshops and 14 conference sessions will cover a wide range of FTTH-related topics and unveil some exclusive data, such as the state of the market in Europe & worldwide… and much more!

Over the three-day event, you can attend as many workshop and conference sessions as you like, check out the exhibition, enjoy hot meals or just grab a drink in our French bar "Le Bistrot"… Our delegates fully appreciate the event thanks to the all-inclusive entrance.



Palais des Congrès, Marseille Chanot
Rond Point du Prado / 13008 Marseille



  • Veranstaltungsort:Marseille/ FranceMarseille/ France