The FTTH Conference 2020 becomes ‘virtual’ on 2-3 December +++ New date for physical Berlin Conference in September 2021

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Brussels, 10 September 2020 - Europe and the world are currently facing one of the largest public health crises of the 21st Century. The virus has now turned from epidemic to pandemic and we see resurgences of coronavirus spike in several EU countries. In light of this situation, the FTTH Council Europe has given much thought to the ideal course of action and consulted with a number of sponsors.

The physical FTTH Conference 2020 postponed to September 2021

The FTTH Council Europe will reschedule the FTTH Conference in Messe Berlin from 1-3 December 2020 to 21-23 September 2021. We are confident that this decision, which has been taken in agreement with an overwhelming majority of our sponsors, will allow time for the coronavirus situation to improve and allow attendees and exhibitors to meet and network in an environment where social distancing measures will be more relaxed.

The FTTH Conference 2020 becomes ‘virtual’ on 2-3 December 2020

As communities around the globe adapt to a world with COVID-19, resilient and very high capacity digital network infrastructures become more important than ever before. The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the necessity of future-proof and robust fibre connectivity for society to function efficiently and economies to recover.  As a result, we believe it is of utmost importance to bring digital industry stakeholders together, to discuss the optimal fibre roll-out strategies in these challenging times.  

In 2020, through a new innovative ‘virtual’ conference platform, the FTTH Council Europe will provide an unparalleled knowledge hub of workshop and conference presentations plus virtual networking opportunities for anyone in the business of digital and fibre-enabled network technologies and services - all types of operators, policymakers, investors, vendors and many more – to connect,  network, discover new products, source information and do business. 

In place of the physical conference in December, the FTTH Council Europe will therefore hold a new ‘virtual’ FTTH Conference on 2-3 December 2020. With fibre being one of the key enablers of the digitalised and connected world, this virtual event will preserve the value and content of the physical FTTH Conference 2020 in Berlin. It will consist of two days of expert workshops on a wide range of FTTH and fibre-enabled technology-related subjects, as well as conference keynotes and panel discussions featuring opinion-leaders and prominent figures from the European and international digital industry.  

The new registration form for the virtual FTTH Conference 2020 to be launched

Registration for the 2020 virtual Conference will kick off in late September. All the relevant information about this event will be available on the FTTH Conference website  and other FTTH Council Europe’s communication channels.

The FTTH Council Europe’s goal is to deliver an innovative virtual fibre summit that represents the most relevant elements of the industry value chain and ensures that the FTTH Conference 2020 is a memorable and rewarding experience for each participant.  We will of course very much look forward to reconvening physically in September 2021 in Berlin when the public health situation allows.

We thank all our members, sponsors, speakers, partners and attendees for their continued support and we look forward to delivering the first-ever virtual FTTH Conference on 2-3 December 2020.

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