Market Intelligence Committee of the FTTH Council Europe Presents new FTTH Market Panorama Report by Country

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Press Release:


Brussels, 13th June 2024 – The Market Intelligence Committee of the FTTH Council Europe is proud to announce the release of the first edition of the FTTH Market Panorama Report by Country. Building on the experience of its annual flagship report, the European FTTH/B Market Panorama, this pioneering document offers a comprehensive analysis of Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Fibre to the Building (FTTB) trends across Europe, emphasizing country-specific dynamics.


The latest market figures reveal a steady increase in FTTH deployment across the continent. As of September 2023, the total number of homes passed with FTTH/B in the EU391 region reached a remarkable 244 million, up from 221 million in September 2022. This growth has propelled the FTTH/B coverage rate in EU39 countries to 69,9%, a significant rise of 6.5 percentage points compared to the previous year. Despite this progress, the proportion of homes effectively connected remains considerably lower. The FTTH penetration rate in the EU39 area stands at 34,7%, underscoring the ongoing challenge of adoption. While the take-up rate has shown a modest year-on-year increase to 49,6% (+0.5 percentage points), boosting adoption rates is now the primary hurdle for many markets.


"The general trend is positive, reflecting a strong commitment to enhancing digital infrastructure across Europe. However, there are notable differences between individual markets," said Stefano Fogli, Chair of the FTTH Council Europe’s Market Intelligence Committee. "By presenting our data on a country-by-country basis, this new report aims to provide clearer insights into the unique market dynamics and trends in each country, helping policymakers, investors, and industry stakeholders at large to navigate the landscape of European fibre rollout and adoption."


This new publication aims at offering stakeholders a more nuanced view of the FTTH/B landscape, providing detailed evolutive figures for the main FTTH KPIs, such as the number of homes passed, subscribers, coverage rate, take-up rate and penetration rate. The FTTH Market Panorama Report by Country is in addition to the annual FTTH/B European Market Panorama and the traditional market reports produced by the FTTH Council Europe, all available on its website alongside a wealth of other resources covering various aspects of the FTTH industry.


We invite readers to explore this new report and share their feedback and suggestions to help us continue improving our offerings.


1EU39 refers to the 39 countries in Europe that are included in the FTTH/B Market Panorama report.

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